Aberdeen Proving Ground Chapter Representative

Robert K. (Ken) Dalton, Newark, DE

Phone: (302) 366-8232, email: Ken_Dalton@verizon.net

At-Large Chapter Representative

Mark Durivage 
Lambertville, MI, Phone: (419) 265-2862, email: mdurivage@hotmail.com

Arizona Chapter Representative

Mark Shanahan
Tucson, AZ, email: Mark.Shanahan@hbmprenscia.com

Belvoir Chapter Representative


Brazil Chapter Representative

Claudio Spano, email: cladio.spano@reliasoft.com

Capital Region Chapter Representative


Greater Houston Chapter Representative

Troy Schwartz, Phone:(281) 202-7989, email: tschwartz98@gmail.com

China Chapter Representative

Peng Zhaoguang, email: ghuapeng@gmail.com

Buffalo Chapter Representative


Minnesota Chapter Representative

Mingxiao Jiang, email: Mingxiao.jiang@medtronic.com

Orlando/KSC Chapter Representative

Geoffrey Okogbaa

email:  Okogbaa@aol.com

Huntsville Chapter Representative

Mary Ann Brothers
US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command
Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898-5000
Phone: (256) 876-1216, email: presidenthsv@sre.org

Montreal Chapter Representative

Michael Kavoliunas

email: michael.kavoliunas@aero.bombardier.com

Ottawa Chapter Representative

Jeremy Bruce, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

email: jbruce@ciena.com

Rochester Corporate Chapter Representative


Silicon Valley Chapter Representative

Frank Sun

email: franksun99@yahoo.com

Suburbon Maryland Chapter Representative


Toronto Chapter Representative

Toronto Chapter is now merged with the Ottawa Chapter

Non- Voting Members of the Board of Directors


Paper Award Committee Chair

Joel A. Nachlas
Phone: (540) 231-5357, Fax: (540) 231-3322
email: nachlas@vt.edu

RAMS Representative

Geoffrey Okogbaa

email: Okogbaa@aol.com

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Toronto, Canada Chapter

Julio Pulido
email: President@sre.org


Troy Schwartz
email: VP@sre.org


Robert K. (Ken) Dalton
email: Secretary@sre.org


Mark Shanahan
email: Treasurer@sre.org

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